Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tom Marr, Horrible Cuckasoid, Fills in for Mark Levin, Insults Trump

By Dael Goodson

I recognize Mark Levin and Trump are playing the Zionists and Pro-Whites should play on the same team game, but yesterday's Mark Levin show, occupied by Tom Marr, showed that an insurgency against Trump in the GOP is corrupting even that half-useful message.

Tom Marr, a sanctimonious windbag, bemoaned Black Lives Matter and called for interracial everything, because racism, even from blacks, was baaaaaaaaaad. He then went on to insist that Trump should apologize for mocking a lying crippled Jewish reporter, which would basically ruin Trump's image.

No doubt, Tom Marr is in the camp of New Day for America, which seeks to take down Trump who has gotten "too far off message" for their liking, meaning he is giving new life to White racial awareness. This could throw a serious wrench into the White genocide, which is steamrolling ahead in Europe per the intrusion of "refugees" while leaders declare war on "ISIS", which they concocted.