Sunday, November 22, 2015

Times of Israel Scrubbing Paris Attacks

Dael Goodson

Links to Jews and the Mossad were immediately speculated widely upon after the Paris Attacks as a repeat of information warning the Jewish community appeared present, as it was in the 911 attacks. Soon after 911, it was reported that Israel-based Odigo had sent texts warning of an impending attack before it happened, and that hardly any Jews died in the attack. Furthermore, Mossad agents were filming the 911 attack as it happened, and reported on an Israeli talk show they were there to document it. Video of the attacks in Paris also appeared

Times of Israel has already run a story about Joel Laloux, the Jewish former owner of the Bataclan, explaining how he "angrily" denies any connection to the choice of location for the attack. Some think Jewish ownership and hosting of Israeli army and Jewish services there affected the decision to use the location, while other contend that the Paris attacks were a Mossad operation head to toe.  The location has since been purchased by French media conglomerate Lagardere, with a Jewish chairman, Raymond Lévy . 

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Interestingly, Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy who compromised American agents in the Soviet Union, was released shortly after these attacks, to the pleasure of Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israelis who have petitioned for his release for decades. 

Another interesting link to previous terror attacks was the concurrent presence of a military drill along with the terrorist attack such as has been the case with 911. the 7/7 London bombings, the Boston bombing, and many mass shootings in the United States.  

Other Jewish spies who compromised American security include Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who passed on atomic secrets to the Soviets.