Sunday, November 22, 2015

Putin: Friend or Foe? The Syria Play Examined

An Escher that Seems to Resemble Putin

By Dael Goodson

When Putin went into Syria, some feared WWIII. It was speculated that Putin was Jew-controlled, and was now setting up WWIII for his Jew masters who would also lead the Jew-controlled West into conflict to help hasten the White genocide.

However, instead we are seeing, in the aftermath of the Paris Attacks, that Spain and Putin are joining forces against ISIS. But ISIS is Jew-controlled, is it not? Or is ISIS more of a Frankenstein's monster, portions of which are Jew-controlled, or are simply the Mossad calling themselves ISIS?

Putin's Syria play instead seems to have hindered the West in its play to overthrow Assad, and forced them to take up the cause of attacking ISIS. Meanwhile, shortly before the Paris attacks, we saw Western intelligence discussing a "shared mission" against ISIS.

So, has Putin basically forced the West to play along with his Syria play in order to save face? Or has the West merely ensured it can continue to have a hand in Syria so that it can make another move in the near future?

If Putin and the West are secretly both promoting a Jew agenda, what is this war on ISIS leading to?

One possibility is another endless war. If this was the plan, the USA, Russia, and Europe could all be set up to become police states, which would allow the White genocide to proceed while suppressing the opposition.

However, Putin's support of traditional values in Russia seems in opposition to this, while his signing of a Holocaust denial law seems in support.

One theory is that Putin's Holocaust denial was to suppress Western-backed neo-Nazi groups operating inside Russia. However, previous acts of friendliness toward Jews by Putin can also be documented.

What do you think? Is Putin "playing chess" or is Putin merely another chess piece?

Do the stairs go up or down?