Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jew Shouts "You're a Racist" at Donald Trump on SNL

by Dael Goodson

Using their SNL vehicle, the Jews have cleverly concealed themselves in plain sight behind their front man, Donald Trump, who was sided by two doubles to show he had a sense of humor right before Larry David, a professed self-hating Jew, called him a racist in order to collect $5000 from Deport Racism, producer of a suspiciously awful piece of anti-Trump propaganda.

Of course, we should deport all the illegal aliens, and all the legal ones, and build a wall with Mexico, and expel the Jews. That being said, it is perhaps clear from these sorts of antics that the Jews of America want to stay here to continue parasiting (it's a verb now, deal) off the White people of America, and would rather see some illegal brown people expelled than themselves. Enough White people have awakened to the White genocide and the Jew World Order to make such an exigency necessary, especially since hundreds of millions of guns are still in the hands of Americans.

Of course, the shout of "You're a Racist" was invented by Jews and has been used to bludgeon the White race into submission to Jews and their allies the invading non-white hordes. This is the shadow of the French Revolution which aims at the total overthrow of White patriarchy in all its forms, to be replaced by new "norms" such as gay marriage, open transvestism, tranny children, feminism, etc.

Yes, very funny, indeed. The old Jew trick of getting the gullible goyim to laugh at the truth. Be the one goyim who claps.