Monday, November 23, 2015

Donald Trump Versus Black Lives Matter

By Dael Goodson

Black Lives Matter is a group that appears to promote black interests, but in reality is assaulting law and order, which is actually causing a rise in black on black crimes, and black on "other" crimes as well. If Black Lives Matter continues to be surrendered to and legitimized by politicians. it could seriously damage all the institutions of our country, even more than they have already been sovietized.

Luckily, Donald Trump is not giving in to this Soros-backed organization. Black Lives Matter disruptions of his events have been met with open hostility.

While the race war is nothing new, it would appear that the White side is finally fighting fire with fire after decades of "I have a dream" of communism via miscegenation.

Whites have been on the decline in the United States since the integration of black students into White schools at gunpoint, the Jewed 1965 immigration laws, 501 (c) 3 churches, welfare, and the popularization of no strings sex, gay rights, and porn. This decline has been spiritual, mental, and physical and brought many to the point where they actually cheer on the demise of their race or see it as of no consequence. This assault on the White race has been enhanced by Jew-owned media, Hollywood movies presenting racially conscious White men as evil, and politicians owned by Jewish lobbies.

The rise of the Jew, which perhaps officially launched 200 years ago after the Battle of Waterloo, may finally be at its zenith if the White guilt leg of structure gets kicked out. This could conceivably be the case with Donald Trump's open hostility toward Blacks Lives Matter.