Monday, November 23, 2015

Cucky John Kasich Going After Trump with Multiculty New Day for America

from New Day for America

Dael Goodson

Trump appears to have the GOP at odds with him, despite being their most popular candidate, and one of the attack dogs is Gov. John Kasich, backed by New Day for America, a brazenly pro-diversity Super PAC.

This translates as : Kasich wants to see America destroyed. Because that's what multiculturalism does--destroys nations.

Even MSNBC loves John Kasich, despite his GOP credentials.

Kasich is an evangelical Christian-Zionist, making him a possible anti-Christ. He also believe in the global warming ideology espoused by international financiers.

Trump has showed willingness to go as an independent because of the perceived GOP favoritism for Kasich, and has threated to sue New Day for America.