Sunday, November 1, 2015

Conversing with Juden about the Holohoax

Dael Goodson

On Twitter you can meet all kinds of interesting personality types of various ethnicities, enriching your life thereby with their vibrant mojo.

Apparently, my lack of faith in the Holohoax brought a paid Holohoax "scholar" Christina Zaba to my "rescue." She is a fan of Luciana Berger, the evil MP of no longer great Britain who got a man arrested for tweeting an "antisemitic" jpeg.  In the UK, you can't question or upset the feelings of Jews without getting the book (apparently the book is the Talmud) thrown at you.

Violence? Like Throwing People in Jail, Luciana?

After I posted an "anti-semitic" meme that questioned the Holohoax, she sent me a copy of Florida hate laws as an act of intimidation and then repeatedly stated that unless I visited all the Jew-managed "death camps" and spoke to all the witnesses she selected that I couldn't make "sweeping statements" denying the Holocaust. Nonetheless, I made lots of statements. I also noted that, by her logic, people should not believe in the Holohoax unless they first visited all the Jew managed "death camps" and spoke to all the witnesses, preferably from both sides.

Now, of course, I could take anyone to a place and claim that crimes had been committed there, and plant evidence or spatter ketchup around to back it up. Also, the "witnesses" have been massively discredited, are Jews, and have been receiving reparations for 70 years and are pressured by other Jews to keep lying to keep the gravy train rolling.

Meanwhile, it was extremely disturbing to consider that this "person" probably wanted me hauled off to jail and possibly Holocausted myself. Other angry Jews appeared and made this quite clear, despite my attempts at humor to defuse the situation.

If you think about it, you can't help but deny that everything about this Holohoax business is wrong. I mean, other peoples have experienced mass exterminations for real, and we don't endlessly hear about it (except perhaps in the case of the Native Americans, and, in that case, not nearly so much). Yet somehow, this 6 million Jew death thing is something we are reminded of every day by their media, movies, and by their controlled politicians, all while the White countries of the world decrease in population and are flooded by mass immigration.

Basically, I'm saying, STFU Jews. Pull the plank out of your own eyes before you bring up your phony Holohoax. Jews should be paying us reparations, not the other way around.