Thursday, November 12, 2015

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is the most awful human being I can think of.
There really is nothing worse than Angela Merkel.
Angela Merkel should be tied to a post while German children throw darts at Angela Merkel.
The public should watch Angela Merkel cry and twitch in torment, and then erase all memory of her from history.
Angela Merkel is God's only mistake.
Is this a rabid pig I see before me? Still, it is far more beautiful than Angela Merkel.
Why would Angela Merkel exist? Does it have to do with the black death and autism? Or is it because we killed Hitler and must pay?
Every time I am about to feel good: Angela Merkel.
Angela Merkel is like a boil on the face of everything beautiful that can't be lanced.
Do I alone picture Angela Merkel dragged by horses down a cobblestone road?
Do I alone feel an inquisitor's joy at the prospect of Angela Merkel in my custody?
Am I missing something?
Or are you?