Friday, November 6, 2015

A Moment of Television

Dael Goodson

My eye caught a moment of television yesterday, and it made a terrible impression. Generally, I avoid television completely. However, in public, unfortunately, sometimes a TV screen is projecting Jewish filth which captures my eye momentarily.

In this case, it appeared to be some sort of advertisement. A series of smiling faces were displayed, carried by bodies moving across sunlit landscapes. First a young white woman, then a middle aged black man, then a Asian, and so on. They were all happy and, as the ad progressed, it sped up until all these various examples of different peoples of multi-racial America were blended into the perfect Jew World Order representation of bastardized mankind with no sense of identity, other than perhaps "potential anti-semite". This was, of course, progress.

I probably looked at the screen for no more than a few seconds and it amazed me how deeply disturbed I was. I was reminded that most of my people are exposed to countless hours of this tripe, messages of White genocide being crammed into their minds quicker than their conscious minds have the ability to sort out. In this manner their brains are conditioned to think that any sort of racial consciousness is deeply abnormal and probably dangerous, requiring shunning and possibly stronger forms of censure.

Now, honestly, I don't know exactly what was being advertised or promoted by the use of such imagery or whether any such intention was in the mind of its creator. In fact, the creator of the imagery could themselves have ideals of worldwide racial harmony that have nothing consciously to due with the Jewish agenda of White genocide and are victims themselves. Suffice it to say, a person who had the intention of doing the opposite, of exposing the White genocide, would never get on TV to begin with unless they had done so with extreme stealth.

It might seem odd to write about a few seconds glimpsed on a TV wherein I failed to watch long enough to fully glean what message was being beamed at me, but it seemed important enough to bother my mind that I should do so. Often I teeter between despair and resignation at the plight of the White race, and wonder how one can possibly counter a control system with so much propaganda power as the Jewish media moguls possess.

It seemed that I was struck by the image because it perhaps represents the opposite of what happens when a fully brainwashed White person encounters a few seconds of racial awareness. To them, this occurrence might seem like something from a hostile universe, much as TV does to me. However, it would in fact represent the friendly world attempting to reach them, and call them home.

How can one convince a TV-slave in a quick moment that it is time to come home?

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