Wednesday, October 28, 2015

World War Whatever

Dael Goodson

As news of Syria, refugees, and young White girls dating negros and White men with brown babies appear every time I leave the house, I know America is dying fast, already in a zombified state since before I was born.

America could have been truly great, and it has become the drunken eyesore of the Earth. Its carcass has a tranny army ready to enforce the mutation of the rest of the White world into a mixed 3rd world race lacking heritage, identity, genius, and purpose.

World War III seems a distinct near future possibility. Although I pity those with pure White children I know those children face a terrible future, with or without a war. I see very few with the will to fight, or who even know there is a fight for the survival of the White race. I wonder if some very intense shocks are necessary, or if they will ever achieve anything but traumatized survivors who have learned absolutely nothing.

I consider going to Europe and assisting resistance to the "refugee" invasion. I consider doing everything in my power to awaken locals to the situation. But how much can one person do with very few resources when America has already declined to such a degree?

What is clear is that there is no place to run. Where ever you go, the race war will find you, this much I know. I see girls confused by my hateful stares while they walk arm in arm with nigras and spicks. I really don't think they're doing anything wrong on purpose, but are victims of Jewish brainwashing. I am just hoping to make them think twice.

Many in the public must realize that the government is behaving in a completely insane manner, especially on immigration issues and in regards to Syria.

The final straw is coming. It is coming soon.

I'm saying you better be ready.