Wednesday, October 14, 2015

White Pride is Terrorism, Goyim!

George Lincoln Rockwell noted that the Jews were using the Blacks as a battering ram against White America before he was assassinated.

Yes, I'm angry. This shit isn't funny to me, at all. Many attempt to wake up our White brothers and sisters with humor, but I have lost the talent to laugh at the creeping communism because we are headed toward a very bad place very fast.

The Dylann Storm Roof "event" has led to Confederate flag demonization and now it has been branched out into associative demonization of Whites displaying pride in their heritage, as just reported. Just flying a Confederate flag in view of blacks has landed terrorism charges.

Yes, total slavery, just around the corner.

The commies are pushing and probing, testing and molesting. They must be stopped.

You must bitchslap all Whites you know into racial consciousness right quick is what I'm saying.