Monday, October 5, 2015

White Nationalist Message Gaining Ground Minus the Jewish Question

Happening to listen to the radio earlier, I was surprised at how like a White nationalist Mark Levin sounded on his show. He covered the immigration topic in much the way Ann Coulter and Donald Trump have, blaming it on "leftists" or "liberals", and fielded calls where he laughed about how people of European descent were falsely called bigots by these "leftists" for complaining about their replacement by third world aliens. Mark Levin sounds like an alt-right conservative most of the time on immigration, in fact, except he never delves into the Jewish players behind mass immigration and other liberal agendas.

Eventually, Donald Trump himself spoke on the program, discussing the failure of Obama's foreign policy and of Obamacare.

Although the Jews have advanced players to field the White nationalist concerns about Whites becoming a minority (with the term "White genocide" avoided from what I listened to), the fact that this idea has slid this far into the mainstream is hopeful. However, it is hardly enough if the Jewish question is left out of the discussion, despite Ann Coulter's tweet on "f_cking Jews", because we could easily see the issue used to advance some other Jewish agenda despite temporary respite from the White Genocide that may or may not be afforded.
Meanwhile, even if America gets some relief from mass immigration or forced diversity, which may or may not materialize, we appear doomed to watch the spectacle of our European homelands getting destroyed by endless waves of "refugees", a most demoralizing prospect. Giving the White "goyim" relief in one zone, while intensifying in another, may in fact be part of the divide and conquer game plan here.

At the end of the day, the need for a "final solution" of some kind remains necessary.