Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shooting at Zombicon , Fort Myers

Dael Goodson

In a tragically ironic turn of events, 5 people were shot at Zombicon, a Fort Myers yearly festival celebrating the brain dead, cannibalistic, and lifeless at the filming location of George Romero's 1985 Dawn of the Dead. Art no longer reflects life, but has clearly decided to eat it, having realized the profit potential, or out of the pure joy of bloodlust.

Thanks to a profusion of cell phones, Hollywood grade captures of terrified fleeing bystanders were acquired. Although Tarantino would prefer wider screens and more anti-White propaganda, but we have to make do.

Nearby is a fountain where Edison, Henry Ford, and Firestone share a fire together, an eternal camp of the saints, if you will. I have to wonder if, had the American public heeded Henry Ford's warnings about the Jews, any of this would be happening.