Saturday, October 3, 2015

Seizing of Property In Germany by Jew Government for "Refugees"

Stolen from BBC by Evil Nazi

By Dael Goodson

Nothing that original here, just repeating some noteworthy observations and trends.

The control of Germany by the parasite Jew is quite clear in the current circumstances of government policy toward "refugees". Since the "migrant crisis" is apparently directed at making sure they all find a safe, well-financed landing place, and not about the rights of the German citizens, clearly the government is at war with the German people. Hammering this point home is the seizure of property by the German government to accommodate the mostly able-bodied, male "refugees".

Furthermore, any protest against the Muslim invasion is being actively attacked by the selfsame government, and also attacked through the common Jew tactic of legal response to "hate speech". The insane notion that a population must not resist its replacement by foreigners is somehow being printed and spoken of as a reasonable position. Odd.

Similar behaviors are present in the United States, where the assets of productive citizens has been handed over to the less productive in the forms of the welfare state, and where Obama
announced last year that only Native Americans can complain about immigration. The idea that the government should look out for the interests of immigrants instead of that of citizens, that the government should represent foreigners first, has somehow been printed and spoken of as a reasonable position. Odd.