Sunday, October 4, 2015

Russian Attack on ISIS May Show Up "Endless War" Strategy of Jewnited States

According to some reports, ISIS is disbanding after getting strafed repeatedly over the last 3 days by Russia. Meanwhile, the Taliban is making advances in Afghanistan, and Iraq is a complete mess.

Why is it that the United States was able to take down Hitler's Germany so smoothly (and in a secretly genocidal manner), but has since engaged in seemingly endless wars with bit players whom it is unable to master? Even when the United States effects "regime change" the gains are soon lost as the countries descend into insurgency-fueled chaos.

There are a host of "unofficial" reasons for this, too many to cover in this little piece (ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service yada yada), but suffice it to say war has become business, and part of the business is to demoralize the American public, particularly the White public. Despite having been prompted to put trust in the government with the 911 psyop, the public went on to be repeatedly disappointed by its "strong" "White" "leader" (George Bush). This led many to opt for the "peaceful" "leader" Obama, who received a Nobel Prize and then took up the same policies as George Bush. Now, perhaps only an effeminate Jew "leader" like Bernie Sanders can save us from doing anything other than cowering and awaiting government handouts.

Of course, that's just one line of oversimplified psychological manipulation that could be examined. Vietnam was a sort of template for all this. In that case, a war that probably could have been wrapped up in a matter of months was dragged on endlessly, and catapulted into absurdity, all of which was used to generate anti-White sentiment in the form of a massive cultural marxism project which many fondly remember as the 60s / 70s hippy dippy summer of love Beatlemania etc. In fact, nostalgia for this era, which was endlessly triggered via Jew-controlled media and entertainment was a means by which to massage the public into its current state of zombified communism. This is a sort of counterpoint to the PTSD-triggering of the post-911 era in which blood lust is summoned every time some Middle Eastern country doesn't want a Jew bank in it.

 Interestingly. many of these Muslim nations opposed to Jewish usury power structures, such as are currently carrying out the White genocide in the West (i.e. White nations), were or are somewhat similar to Hitler's Germany. Much of the same rhetoric is used to hype the need to "regime change" them, except in this case shame is also applied since the United States is now accused of wanting to bomb "brown people" with "phallic" bombs by Jewish comedians presented as truth tellers. Furthermore, conspiracy theories are offered involving Nazi death cults that infiltrated the United States which somehow prove that the Nazis actually won and are running this whole show secretly using Zionists and the Vatican as a front. Simultaneously, Putin is said to be a communist and a fascist at the same time.

After that, it gets complicated.

So, look at these explosions.