Friday, October 30, 2015

Rampant Idiocy Bespatters Everything

My impression of the impressions of the Republican debate that I heard (I don't watch TV) gave me a tiny amount of hope that the public is ready to consider a halt in the plummeting into the Jewish abyss that has been underway in the United States since the rise of anti-racism/cultural Marxism ,which became prominent in the 60s and proceeded to destroy most Christian values, to the extent that people are now about ready to call for the beheading of Christians in the streets because fags. Apparently, more than a few have noticed the extreme "leftist" position of the moderators who heaped abusive questions of the Republican candidates who only mildly represent anything traditional in the United States. Unfortunately, few will notice that the Republican candidates offer false hope and that even false hope is under attack.

Many Americans are still enslaved within their own minds similarly to the way in which the Holohoax is real in the minds of Holohoax survivors. They also often have the Hitler Was Wrong virus which makes them compelled to date monkeys and produce half-monkey children, ridding the United States of civilized White people. This has been aided and abetted heavily by Jewish feminism, abortion factories, immigration policies, porn, and embedded anti-white messages in TV programs, movies, political announcements, news stories, and even commercials. Indeed, we float in a soup of Jewish lies like letters of the alphabet that rarely connect to randomly form a word that is soon enough shuffled back into the usual cacophony of genocidal memes.

Feminism is a particularly awful part of all this, compelling women to celebrate flooding their uterine tracts with inferior DNA and extolling the "virtues" of cheating, whoredom, and careerism in lieu of child rearing. Men find themselves working for these women, often changed into misogynists, effeminate intellectuals, or, perhaps luckily, bikers, most unwilling to defend "their" culture which has mysteriously evaporated in the recent past in a way that they are constantly told was a form of positive "progress" which salvaged humanity from the "horrors" of White patriarchy (like when no one had to lock their doors). This has most recently been represented in the article of the Confederate flag which crazed negroes are encouraged to attack for being racist.

Every morning, as I watch school buses rush brown children to the communist indoctrination centers that pass for schools where little White girls will be heavily encouraged to date negroes by the example of  the Kardashians and Nickelodeon, thereby producing soulless, identity-less, bestial units dependent upon the system, incapable of producing a self-sustaining culture. This is accepted by parents who have been lulled into a trance whereby they are incapable of understanding that race has any meaning other than "Black Lives Matter".

Clearly, voting is the answer. If that doesn't work, there's always war.