Friday, October 2, 2015

Obama and Jew Media Want Your Guns

In another seemingly coordinated politicization of a shooting, Obama first announced it was again time for the government to take your guns, and then the media proceeded to back him up. CNN took his cue to compare terrorism deaths to gun deaths in the United States, even. If you look at the list of terrorists, you will see it highlights "White supremacists" as a threat, and even has a Holohoax attack listed. Whether or not they were attacking enemies foreign or domestic isn't indicated.

The problem is Obama is still not saying the obvious truth: the guns are to protect us from the tyrannical government. Instead, he offers to allow people to still hunt, saying this is the only proper function of guns. But that wasn't the reason for the 2nd Amendment.

Last year, Obama told us that unless we were Native Americans we had no right to complain about immigration, and then proceeded to treat citizens to the second class while handing over our wealth to millions of immigrants. A similar trend is occurring in almost every White country, but most of those countries have already lost their right to bear arms. England now has a capitol city which is more Muslim than English. Swedish women are raped by immigrants and can't defend themselves, and immigrants are given free access to universities but not Swedes. Germans have no guns, no right to protest immigration, and no right to question the Holocaust. And the media, Hollywood, the most powerful lobbies, and banking is controlled by Jews. And Jews are disproportionately represented in our universities, in the medical field, in jurisprudence, and in the government. 

A willingness to take on "Syrian refugees" has already been announced, and year after year, more and more will be taken in. These "refugees" are mostly men of military aid, and terrorists have been identified among them, and "aid packages" containing rifles and ammo have been found being sent to them. 

Meanwhile, the DHS, which is supposed to protect citizens on paper, is shipping and busing and flying in immigrants, always of a non-White nature. And they've been programmed to hate you. And they can not assimilate into Western White civilization.

Earlier this year, Jade Helm was announced with much fanfare, along with footage of actors being gathered up and placed in vans in Fort Lauderdale. Then, we had the blood moons, shemitah, a papal visit supporting immigration and opposing guns, Dylann Storm Roof, White police getting fired, black rioters being applauded, gay marriage, and constant talk of "cybersecurity".

And now, Obama and the Jews want your guns.