Saturday, October 24, 2015

Netanyahu Blames Sweden and New Jersey for the Holocaust

Could Netanyahu secretly be part of the Nazi death cult Alex Jones has long since exposed which has resulted in an unrelenting attack on Rand Paul?  Even slow-witted Jews are starting to suspect that perhaps Netanyahu is not a Jew at all, but a shill controlled by powerful White lobbies within Israel which have seized control of the media, movie industry, and financial sector in a plot to force Jews to stop interbreeding, thereby ensuring their destruction. Because, as some Jews know, they need to mongrelize in order to keep themselves from consuming themselves, staggering, and dying.

How did this nightmarish situation happen? The answers seem insane to the common deluded Israeli, but with a long view of history that has been concealed by the Nazi Death Cult handlers of the puppet Jews who appear to be running the media, UN, Bilderberg Group, and the Boy Scouts, Nazis planned their takeover of the human race many hundreds of years ago, as documents discovered on a train prove. Hidden within the environmentalist movement (Hitler was an environmentalist, remember) the Nazi Death Cult has used the Rothschild construct that is Israel, which was sold to the Jews as a "homeland" in order to place the Jews in a gigantic concentration camp which bears the name ISRAEL.

Yes--that wall is meant to keep Jews in, not foreigners out.