Monday, October 5, 2015

Jew Witch Camp -- Pagan Jews Worship the LORD (Ba'al)

by Dael Goodson

Keep on tolerating, goyim!

Helping illustrate how Jews are simply not reliant on the Old Testament, we have Jewitch Camp, where evil Jewesses met on October 4th to practice Jewitcheries. Here they align themselves with traditional Jew holiday matters and call upon pagan gods and goddesses to perfect the world kabbalistically (tikkun olam). And, of course, being Jews, repairing the world means making it "good for the Jews" and screwing it up for the rest of us.

Apparently, all non-Christian (i.e. New Agism) items are acceptable, because Christianity is all about hate and being White and such. Tarot, spell casting, and rug munching magick are all a go. A favored book among the Jewitches is 515 Clues which is a tale of "trauma and transformation". This may clue in the wise to the idea that Jewish "social engineering" relies upon inflicting trauma upon the host to transform it to something the Jew parasite can more easily prey upon.

Yes. This is why:

Among them are many a hyper-liberal Jew, flouting gayness, eco-consciousness, and "open mindedness" (to anything non-White and anti-Christian).  Here's a clip of some Jewitch dykes wearing their favored striped stockings:

Here's a one-legged Jewitch 515 Clues fan:

Clearly with Jews repairing the world, we've got a bright future ahead.