Sunday, October 11, 2015

Israel Appears Unconcerned About Putin While Pursuing Palestinian Crackdown

Scanning the Israeli news sources, I haven't seen a lot of concern about Putin's recent actions against ISIS and other anti-Assad elements in Syria. In fact, it would appear that he is providing a good distraction while Palestinians are being cracked down upon, and efforts are marshaled to forestall any diplomatic threat to the Jewish homeland.

Other strategic possibilities are offered in a Tablet article, which points out that Israel may be weaning itself away from dependence on the U.S. 

A Temple Mount Crackdown went underway, along with a massive influx of refugees into Europe and now the United States, shortly before Putin's new bombing efforts in support of Assad.

In response to Putin's actions, Washington D.C. appears also uniquely unconcerned, and Putin has indicated a willingness to diplomatically pursue objectives, and avoid a ground war.

One article reports that sniper fire is effective against Palestinian "rock and firebomb" throwers. The bullets used are regular .22 with less than the usual gunpowder making them "less than lethal."