Thursday, October 1, 2015

Insane Jew News Says Netanyahu Has Right to Indict the World Over Iran

In an article jam-packed with ludicrous claims, in true Jew fashion, Times of Israel's David Horovitz attempted to help shame the world for not destroying Iran for attempting to actually have its own destiny apart from complete Zionist control. No doubt Iran, the most peaceful country ever, should be feared far more than Israel, the least peaceful country ever. This since Iranians have far fewer nuclear weapons than Israel (approaching zero, some claim) and don't even run the media of the West. 

Netanyahu also pulled a Holohoax: 

“Seventy years after the murder of six million Jews, Iran’s rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people. And the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here,” he charged furiously, “has been absolutely nothing. Utter silence. Deafening silence.”

Never miss an opportunity to invoke the Holohoax when countries aren't being destroyed on your behalf, Jews always say.

To my great personal amusement, the writer went on to note that Netanyahu is becoming an isolated figure threatened with trampling by the "UN caravan". A creeping sense of hopelessness appears to be getting threaded into the Jew news. Perhaps they are realizing what is coming.