Thursday, October 1, 2015

Goyim Doom with Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts describes his position in response to Putin's intervention, and kosher food. He appears to believe that a war is being hatched to enhance the White genocide all across the West.

His stance is opposed by other White nationalists, such as Andrew Anglin, who sees Putin as standing up to the Jews. 

Here is a recent CNN article for thought, the media seeming to have not quite formed its narrative to me. McCain, who has been associated with ISIS, is pushing the storyline that Putin is simply "propping up" Assad, and attacking forces that are "not ISIS". Putin, on the other hand, has said that any force opposed to Assad in Syria is illegitimate.  This conflict in opinion, which seems to give the United States a pretty flaky stance, could lead to an intensification of conflict quite obviously as the United States has also shown unwillingness to coordinate with Putin. However, an Israeli paper indicated that Putin did clear his strikes with Netanyahu, but an article today decries threats to Israeli interests. 

Meanwhile, the story of Assad being a mass murderer who gasses people (re Hitler) is still being propagated, recently by Bill O'Reilly during a Trump interview.