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David Duke is a Shill for the Jews -- (

The following text was the end-of-program rant I made after presenting "The Camp of the Saints Revisited" on Saturday October 10th. The program is here:

I was responding to statements made in a podcast by Duke with Blake Sawyer which can be found on Duke's site, or at the Daily Stormer:

Here is my text, for the most part:

I am going to start this next and brief discussion with a remark made by Staropramen at the Christogenea Forum [edited slightly for grammar]:

White Nationalism is itself jewish. It's a kosher rabbit hole for racists. When a follower of say Alex Jones realizes that racism is healthy and tries to break away the jew has David Duke and Don Black right there ready to greet them with open arms. Jews want to gather together all the non-white races against White people. We [meaning White Christians] are supposed to trust Yahweh and be a separate people but White Nationalists would rather gather together all the non-whites against the jews! They take their script from the jews! Jews have success because of our disobedience, not because this game plan of theirs is a good one. White Nationalists don't understand this so they figure that the jewish plan is a good one and they'll use it against them. Whites without Christ shall fail regardless of strategy.

And all of that is absolutely true. And because of things like this I have made references to “Daisy Duke and Donna Black”, and have called Duke an “Al Sharpton in White-face”, which is exactly what he is. I do not repent of those comments, and would gladly discuss those things with either of them in person. 

But there is one thing which these White Nationalists do rather consistently which is absolutely treacherous, and that is that they believe and maintain the lies of the Jews concerning the history of the Bible. Last week, as I wrote the article I just presented, I planned on discussing this topic, and then this opportunity came up, which I simply cannot resist using as the basis for such a discussion.

It was brought to my attention that David Duke just the other day had done a program with a fellow named Blake Sawyer. The headline for the program posted at Duke's website announces an “Interview with a New Testament Scholar on the Christian Scripture Concerning Jews”. This so-called “scholar” just happens to be a host on Rense Radio, where Duke also broadcasts, where he is billed as “a health educator, author, radio show host, & trends researcher. He has been involved as a behind-the-scenes researcher for several #1 best selling books and is a published author himself. He has been a successful entrepreneur for the past 4 decades.” His profile on Rense Radio then goes on to say that “Mr. Sawyer’s other expertise is in the area of surviving The Collapse. This includes World War III, the world-wide economic collapse, the tyrannical global government, natural disasters, pandemics and epidemics, false flags, ruthless governments, a collapse of society (with subsequent rioting and anarchy), Fukushima, and hundreds of other potential life-threatening scenarios.” 

Now all of those topics have a million and one so-called “experts” on the internet, and a few months of internet reading proves every one of them to be a clown. Now my purpose is not necessarily to attack this Sawyer fellow. But you can tell a lot about a man's principles simply by the places that he habituates. Here are a few more lines about Sawyer from the Rense site: “Besides hosting two different one hour weekly radio shows, Blake has shared his expertise and unique perspective on the subjects of health/disease and surviving The Collapse/New World Order with millions of people as a guest on various radio shows. Over the past 30 years, those shows include Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, Kevin Trudeau Radio, The Edge with Daniel Ott, and many others.”

But many of these appearances were about natural health, an endeavor which Sawyer seems to have been engaged in the longest, and I won't judge him poorly for that. The Coast to Coast program, however, is a regular parade of clowns and so-called “experts” just like Mr. Sawyer, and each of them has some great and fascinating pile of horseshit to share with millions of marshmallow-minded idiots. Mr. Sawyer, according to his own profile on Rense, is also just another internet sensationalist who takes advantage of fear porn for the purpose of promoting himself, and guys like that are a dime-a-dozen.

However we did not see any serious academic work about the Bible or history in any of the common literature about Blake Sawyer on the internet. You would think that the guy that David Duke considers “a true and magnificent Biblical scholar” would have published some work somewhere that actually qualifies him as such a scholar. We are not going to see his life-saving information, because he wants $30 a year to subscribe to his website. [If I could get a mere $3 a year from each person who accesses Christogenea, I could live in a mansion on the beach rather than a double-wide in the back woods where I live now.] 

From what we have seen in his own literature, however, Blake Sawyer abuses a few passages from Scripture to promote an apocalyptic scenario so that he can sell you on some of his other ideas or services or goods, which he may or may not profit from personally. He does show his hand as a fear-porn artist where he trumpets this on his website: “A projected 75% to 90% of the world’s population will die within the next 5 to 15 years.” But real Christians should pray for that day, and not fear it at all.

Because David Duke considers Blake Sawyer to be such a great scholar, we are going to play only the introduction of Duke's podcast here, where he had Sawyer as a guest, just to show how much David Duke fell over himself in announcing this clown as a great and magnificent Bible Scholar.

Here is Duke's introduction of Sawyer, where he had his head so far up his ass, he must have tasted his dinner: 

Here is what Duke's own synopsis of the program said:

Dr. Duke had as his guest for the hour Biblical scholar and broadcaster Blake Sawyer. Dr. Duke asked Mr. Sawyer about the relationship between God and the Jews as reflected in the New Testament. Mr. Sawyer explained that in the New Testament that there is not a single word about the restoration of a state of Israel and that it is clear that Jews killed Jesus.

Now, all of that is correct, but these things are obvious to the most casual reader of the New Testament, and one certainly does not need a “magnificent scholar” to figure them out. 
Duke's synopsis of the program continues by saying:

He also points out that in the Old Testament, God’s promises to the Jews were all conditional on their behavior, and that the Jews broke their covenant. “We are in the great apostasy,” he said, pointing out that even self-proclaimed Christian ministers like John Hagee have to cite Talmud quoting Rabbis rather than even the Old Testament when they make their twisted case for Christians supporting Israel. He finished up by making it clear that the antichrist of biblical prophecy is to be a Jew, and not a Muslim.

And except for the obvious things that he said about the Zionist agent and fraud John Hagee, every other statement he gave here is a lie.

First, in the Old Testament God never made any promises to Jews. There is not one recorded promise to Jews anywhere in the Old Testament. In fact, the word “Jew” does not appear in the King James Version until 2 Kings chapter 16, of events which were well over a thousand years after the time of Abraham. To call Abraham a Jew is like calling Hengist and Horsa Americans, because the English were the major contributing founders of America. I know that last statement is arguable, but it is true and that is a valid example. Blake Sawyer is just as stupid as John Hagee.

Secondly, the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were without condition. Go read all of the initial promises to Abraham in Genesis chapters 12 through 16, and there are no conditions attached to any of them. Go read the promises to Jacob, the designated heir of the promises to Abraham, as they are recorded in Genesis chapter 35, and there are no conditions there either. Not one.

This is repeated by Paul of Tarsus in the New Testament, in Galatians chapter 3 where he said “ 17 And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect. 18 For if the inheritance be of the law, it is no more of promise: but God gave it to Abraham by promise.”

The law was given to Israel as a condition for the maintenance of a kingdom. Every kingdom requires law. But the promises to Abraham and Jacob far transcended the kingdom which was established 400 years later.

Blake Sawyer is no Old Testament scholar, and he is certainly no New Testament scholar, or he would be familiar with these words of Paul's, and he should have investigated them before he ran his mouth. Rather, he is just another clown playing scholar. He should get a real job, and so should David Duke. From what I hear, Walmart is hiring.

Where Duke says that Sawyer “finished up by making it clear that the antichrist of biblical prophecy is to be a Jew, and not a Muslim”, he distinguishes himself as a clown once again. The word antichrist only appears in the New Testament in the epistles of John, in both the singular and the plural. There it appears 5 times in 2 chapters, in 1 John chapter 2 and 2 John chapter 1. The word is used by John of people contemporary to his own time – although they exist in much greater numbers in our own time and every time we see it is in the same context which we see in 1 John 2:22 where the apostle wrote “ 22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” In all truth, both Jews and Muslims are antichrists, although the true meaning of the word goes even far beyond that.

So in essence, David Duke picked up some Judeo minded fucktard who happens to be Jew-wise, and because he can sound like he knows something Duke advertises him as some great scholar, when in fact the clown has obviously done zero original research and knows nothing. But he can indeed parrot what Duke wants to believe about the Bible.

This is where Identity Christians must continue to chastise these so-called White Nationalists.
First, I want to say a few things about Christian Identity and original research. No historical or Biblical research is really original, in the sense that a particular individual invented it, and all true scholars should know that. Rather, original research is conducted by examining documents from sources as close as possible to the target subject, and drawing conclusions based on those documents which can be verified by the documents themselves. When it concerns ancient history or the Bible, quite often archaeological findings such as inscriptions and monuments can augment the material found in the documents.

This is our area at Christogenea, and it is what we do all of the time (saying Christogenea, I am counting Clifton Emahiser's ministry as well, as we work together closely, and also must give some credit to many of the contributors to our forum). But real original research takes many hours of concentration and painstaking labor to do these things. However we did not invent Christian Identity. Many men for two hundred years before us have developed our view of history and theology, by studying the same documents and inscriptions which we have studied behind them.

We have many Christian Identity friends in Louisiana, David Duke's home state, and other states in the South. Some of them knew George Lincoln Rockwell, and even Gerald L. K. Smith. Of course, I was not around in those days. But I have heard the first-hand testimony from some of these men, that David Duke was informed of Christian Identity and the true identity of the Jews long ago, and chose to reject it on what he had called “theological grounds”.

Now, my own Christian Identity studies put together with those of a Clifton Emahiser, and even a Bertrand Comparet, are indeed quite voluminous, and I would not expect anyone to accept what I say about the identity of true Israel with a few sound bites, or even with a podcast or two. It is a much deeper study than that, and one has to have an open mind in order to accept that everything he or she learned all their lives is a lie. But it is.

However concerning the Jews, it is a relatively short study in the New Testament, along with some of the prophets, and the histories of Flavius Josephus, or even in the statements of the pagan historians such as Strabo and Diodorus Siculus, to see convincing proof that the Jews of today are not the people of Judah of 2,500 years ago, and they are certainly not all of Israel. This is easy to prove, but Duke rejects the information again and again. It simply is not something which he wants to hear.

So he finds clowns like Blake Sawyer, he calls them “scholars”, and he listens to everything that he does want to hear, which enables him to reject Jews, but to embrace Muslims and every other sort of antichrist on the face of the earth. It is obvious that Duke does this out of political expediency, but that political expediency is based upon lies, and it will get him nowhere.

However the real problem with the position that Duke clings to is this: So long as the typical Judeo Christian thinks that the jews really are the people of the Old Testament, so long as they believe the lie that Abraham was a Jew, the typical Judeo Christian is going to look at Genesis chapter 12 where it says “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you” and by the fear of God they will always worship the Jews. Mr. Duke's perpetuation of the lie will therefore always benefit the Jews, and he is not such a great thinker after all. Like Blake Sawyer, David Duke is also a clown. However all White nationalists who follow him are thereby made into an army of clowns.

Since he has been doing it for 30 years, maybe that is his goal in the first place, and he is not a failure after all. Duke claims that his message is a message of “freedom”. The last false prophet of the Old Testament, in the book of Jeremiah, was named Pashur, and in Hebrew that name also means “freedom”. For Christians, and for all Whites, there is no freedom without the truth in Christ.

When a man absolutely refuses to see a truth which over and again has been explained with perfect clarity, it must at some point become obvious that man has an agenda.

Think about it. Anyone who upholds the lies of the Jews is a shill, and that includes David Duke and his latest “scholar”.

The only way to defeat Jewry is to tell people the truth about who the Jews are, because the truth will indeed set us free. Think about it: the Jews have undermined Christendom by disconnecting Christians from their true national identities, while at the same time they are truly lying about their own national identity. How long will Daisy Duke help them to do that?
If a jew is moving his lips, he's lying. If you see a rabbi, there has already been a crime!
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