Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brandon Griggs Writes Derisively of Nazi Trolls Re Negro Star Wars

Dael Goodson

I won't be watching the new Star Wars movie, haven't enjoyed the last few, and advise you to avoid all Jewish productions like the plague. 

That being said, it's fun when CNN responds to racist tweet campaigns for us racists.

Brandon Griggs was given the task of writing about how ridiculous it is for White people to actually want to continue existing on the face of the Earth. This is the sort of thing you see in a lot of Jewish movies where the KKK is trotted out screaming about racial purity and everybody rolls their eyes and proceeds to produce mongrel babies with no souls. This sort of brainwashing, repeated with endless TV viewing, is enough to convince any number of pure White children to shack up with negroes and not wake up to racial reality until it is too late.  Next thing you know, you're living in a third world country. I've seen it a hundred times.

Yes, associative conditioning has been inflicted on our youth to stop them from standing up for themselves, as has been visited on their parents and grandparents all by the same Edomites that killed Christ.

Clearly, Griggs hasn't moved up too far yet, because mocking White supremacists is the equivalent of being "supply boy" at CNN. It is a task that guarantees a torrent of memes clogging your twitter account for days on end, as many a former anti-White offender has learned.

Griggs pointed out that a "small minority" of Whites want to not have a genocide committed on them. Clearly, since most Whites seem unconcerned to Griggs, White genocide is thereby approved post haste.

So, yeah, tweet the twit here. I take it he's gay, not positive...