Thursday, October 22, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu Criticized for Mufti Hitler Remark by Merkel

Dael Goodson

Angela Merkel and Bibi Netanyahu debated on a stage at a high school while journalists watched, it has been reported by an anonymous source. These were the details given.

"You are wrong about the Mufti telling Hitler to burn Jews. I should know," said Merkel. "I am related to Hitler. We are, or were, both Jews, intent on destroying our own race. He chose the path of Nazism whereas I have chosen the path of multiculturalism."

"This bitch is crazy," Netanyahu responded. "Everyone knows the Mufti planned and executed World War III in order to steal Jerusalem from the Jews so they could prevent a Third Temple."

"Netanyahu fails to apprise you of the secret relationship that the Mufti had with Rothschild," Merkel remarked. "Rothschild funded the Mufti so that he could build up Germany by proxy, tricking Hitler into sending Jews to Palestine where it was intended that they be enslaved. The Mufti was a Sabbataen-Sevi Frankist marrano crypto Jew himself, although Hitler did not know this at the time. Unfortunately, with Patton's death, the Mufti's plans failed to be carried out and now Germans must pay reparations and breed with Muslims to make up for Hitler's incompetence at Jew-killin'."

"Like there is something wrong with that? Don't you like Jews?" Netanyahu asked her. "Remember the Holocaust."

"I might as well reveal my secret plans at this time, since this isn't happening. Using multiculturalism to create resentment against the Jews, I intend to kill another 6 million Jews, hopefully the ones in New York. That's what my secret hand sign means: kill Jew York."

"My god, you are insane," said Netanyahu. "You are like a ticking time bomb waiting to turn into a mushroom cloud. You're like another Hitler."

"And another Shoah!"

At that point, a bloodied Palestinian boy was hurled onstage, whom Merkel and Netanyahu kicked while chuckling and to the applause of the journalists.