Saturday, September 26, 2015

Was Pope "Beatlemania" Manufactured like Beatlemania Was?

Pope was Greeted by Crazily Screaming Mongrels

Good question. I don't know. Probably. The Mexican girl running past border patrol to get a papal blessing was, though.

Also, Bill "Big Nose" Maher thinks that Boehner should have signed onto the gay agenda and the White genocide just because the Jew-aligned Pope has (at least at times with the gayness).

Marlow "Kike Face" Stern even wrote so on the Daily Beast.

They call it the Daily Beast because Jews are, in fact, the Beast.

Ironically, they call us "goyim" which means "beast."

Luckily, they are wiping the White race off the face of the earth and control the media so no one knows what's going on with all these immigrants and crap.

Anyway, it's none of your business, but if you think it is you're a Nazi.

Supposedly, you're the Pope, although questions remain...