Saturday, September 12, 2015

Syrian Refugees in Italy Said to Be Shockingly Anti-Israel, Times of Israel Reports

By Dael Goodson

Showing yet again their love for all mankind, the Times of Israel has targeted the Syrian refugees for having the "energy" to hate Israel, despite having fled all the way to Italy due to a war caused by Jews. You'd think they'd have burned up all that anti-semitism in the course of their travels.

However, one refugee interviewed, Adman, a tourism student of Syria, interestingly said that Zionists, and not all Jews, were his enemy. He also expressed curiosity as to why a Jew wanted to interview refugees, guessing it had nothing to do with making sure they had the right opinions. He was then informed that the Israeli was generously treating wounded Syrians at the border of Israel due to their vast love of all humanity, because the Israeli military isn't at all Zionist, you see.

Israel has expressed unwillingness to take in refugees, while Jews have expressed joy at the prospect of Europe being flooded by non-whites of all descriptions, especially in response to military actions taken on behalf of Greater Israel.

Another refugee purportedly said that they consider Palestinians their kin, but also noted that they don't hate Jews, because the Quran forbids this.

As a final stroke of incredible good luck, there was a Holocaust museum nearby which allowed the subject to filter randomly into conversation.  A refugee noted that a movie from Jewish Hollywood had informed Syrians of the Holocaust which is barely covered in Syrian textbooks, quite disgracefully.

Luckily, the Italian senate has recently moved to ban Holohoax denial, so Syrians will totally buy into it unless someone wants to go to jail.

CNN reports war has forced half of Syrians from their homes.

Volunteer Muslim at Holohoaxing Memorial in Milan