Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sheriff Mike Scott Says All Lives Matter in Response to Black on Black Shootings

Thanks to evil international Jew, George Soros, everyone now has heard that black lives matter, although no one was saying that they didn't, and despite the fact that the Jew media has been ignoring White victims of black crime since the 60s, especially rape victims.

In fact, just saying White lives matter can cause people to call the cops.

So, in response to a spate of black on black crimes, Sheriff Mike Scott issued this proclamation.

An Open Letter To The Dunbar Community

From – Sheriff Mike Scott

One of the very first things I did upon being elected Sheriff in 2004 was set about re-establishing a community policing sub-station in Dunbar. Together with the hard work and dedication of retired Captain Charles Barnes, we opened a beautiful, new office on MLK and began a partnership with the FMPD. County government and I built out and fully equipped the location and together with FMPD co-staffed the facility with personnel from both agencies. Regrettably, a few years later the landlord tripled the rent and the economy took a sharp downturn, forcing us to close that office.

I share that story as a tangible example that my commitment to Dunbar is nothing new. I was born and raised in N. Ft. Myers, and I know from firsthand experience that the vast majority of residents across this county are honest, hard working people who support law and order. In recent years, the spike in violence across the U.S. has also presented here with a disproportionate number of homicides and shootings stemming from Dunbar. To be sure, we have violent crime in other areas of the county; however, those are scattered over 1,000 square miles as opposed to the predominant spikes in the much smaller geographic area of the city.

Sadly, a majority of these murders and shootings mirror the national trend of black on black crime. In many cases, these tragedies are a (1) or (2) day news story and then it’s on to the next headline; however, recent events have magnified attention to the concern. The murder of Andrew Faust became extra significant not because it was another murder but because he was a handsome little (5) year old. The events of last week were not extra significant because there was a shooting; rather, it was because there were (4) shootings and (7) victims within a few hours. Perhaps it takes extra harsh reminders like these that all lives really do matter and that even (1) shooting or death is too many.

Two (2) years ago, I offered a suggestion to former Chief Doug Baker and soon to be former City Manager Billy Mitchell that the LCSO and FMPD partner in a new way. My offer was declined and while we have continued working together in many other ways; my suggestion for enhanced initiatives was put on hold. In the coming days, weeks, and months; the LCSO will partner with the FMPD on a wide variety of initiatives to include stepped up enforcement, community outreach, and civic engagement. We want and need your help!

The silent and/or don’t snitch posture that has been the norm for far too long in Dunbar has to change. Fear of sharing information with law enforcement is not an acceptable excuse! You should be far more fearful knowing a killer is on the loose in our community than you should be sharing information you have that would help us jail them. REMEMBER – there are anonymous hotlines you can call. Yes, anonymous!

Help us help you! Chief Dennis Eads and I are committed and you should be too. It is my hope and prayer that our enhanced efforts are received with appreciation and cooperation as opposed to protest. Do not let shootings and murders continue to define your neighborhoods as has been the case in so many neighborhoods across our nation. Outcomes are not always pretty when criminals run, hide, resist, and oppose law enforcement; however, we need to reclaim your streets and intend to do so in no nonsense fashion. The time is now, let’s seize the opportunity.

Finally, I hope to see you at the Stars Complex on October 3rd for a huge event called “Pick Up The Ball” which you can see on a flyer posted below on our page. Please come out and speak with me personally to share your thoughts and ideas…it’s going to be a lot of fun for all.

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