Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sheriff Mike Scott Points Out Dangerous Issues with Black Lives Matter

In an important editorial written for the News-Press, Sheriff Mike Scott spoke about how the media and Black Lives Matter appear to have coordinated social ends which in fact are not saving black lives, because of an anti-White pattern which focuses on instances of White cops who remove black thugs from society. Black Lives Matter and the mainstream media have also fueled an effort to threaten the jobs of White cops who observe actual realities, such as that blacks commit more crimes percentage-wise than White people.

SCOTT: While the events of Ferguson, Missouri, revealed that facts don’t matter but black lives do, it appears those lives matter far more if by chance a white law enforcement officer is involved.  No cop wants to be the next Darren Wilson and blaming law enforcement only serves to diminish the blanket of security these brave men and women provide.

As Scott observed, black on black crime is largely ignored, but a reality nonetheless, because of political correctness in the media which is used to distort truth. Political correctness is a child of cultural marxism, a product of the anti-White Frankfort School. Other guilty parties Scott mentions are the NAACP and black leaders who are race baiters, who focus on issues such as attacking White heritage in the form of Confederate flags and the portrait of General Lee in the Lee County Commissioner Chambers.

I wish Scott had gone on to mention that White people are far more likely to be the victims of black crime than the reverse, but I hope the reader already suspects this further obscured reality.