Friday, September 11, 2015

RT Does Hit Job on Leith White Nationalist Project

Apparently, the idea of Whites living among Whites is utterly horrifying and you should probably just freak out like right now OMG.

Since the idea of there being "too many Whites" has gained "credibility" in the United States, basically if two Whites date, or even speak to one another, Armageddon is no doubt right around the corner.

Now, as to Craig Cobb, is he a real White nationalist? I wonder, ironically along with the SPLC. It seems he is too easily feeding the narrative of White nationalists who are totally hate-driven and not even totally White. He gets loads of air time and is easy to stereotype as such.

The whole thing stinks, as preposterous as it is.

Still, it is not nearly as preposterous as diversity, which insists there is such a thing as "too many White people" in a White country.