Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rootin' for Putin -- Daily Stormer Radio


As opposed to Scott Roberts, Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer appears quite excited about Putin whom he believes to be making a real stand against Israel, setting a precedent that will help restore the White race.

Netanyahu has been told in no uncertain terms that an attack on Syria means an attack on Russia.
Putin is dropping bombs on ISIS as we speak and the Jew media has been stunned into silence for once.
The entire might of the American Empire resulted in just “4 or 5″ active servicemen in the ‘moderate Moslem opposition’ even after spending half a billion dollars on “training” them.
Despite having the world’s most advanced weaponry, the US coalition did not succeed in making the slightest dent in ISIS. Perhaps this was due to the affirmative action Negro in charge of the operation being unable to hit the targets.
Or maybe it was due to the terrorist groups being a Mossad creation in the first place.
Or maybe it was a bit of both.
Either way, Putin is in charge now and he is already kicking ass.
Also covered are shills in the movement and the Mosque in Moscow.
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