Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our Debt to Germany

What has been largely forgotten about Adolf Hitler was his role in fighting against communism in Europe. It is notable that General Patton, upon encountering the Soviet forces, wanted to continue the work of Hitler and take the fight to the reds. This would have freed Eastern Europe and Russia, and perhaps the world, from communism forever.

A most basic question which is why would we have fought side by side with the communists, and then ceded so much territory to them, remains largely avoided but is now forced upon us by the mass immigration agenda of the Europe Union which has homed in conspicuously upon Germany.  Taking a long view, this would appear to be a sort of continuation of the Morgenthau Plan to exterminate the Germans. Purportedly, this plan got dropped due perhaps to Patton's observations, along with the death of Roosevelt and Truman's lack of complete "friendliness" with the Jews.  Apparently, not going to war or committing genocide on their behalf isn't being a mensch.

Since the people of the USA were suckered into fighting Hitler on behalf of our "allies" Britain and the Soviet Union, and since we performed genocidal acts such as firebombing and exposing Germans to deadly internment conditions (and to communists), it seems quite clear to me that we now owe Germany in more ways than one now that mass immigration is being used as a weapon against the Germans continued survival.

Of course, the USA is also experiencing this same weapon being employed against itself, no doubt as a long term consequence of pitting ourselves against Germans at the behest of our hidden Jewish masters. The gradual genocide, directed at all Europeans whether in the USA, Europe, South Africa, or Australia or elsewhere, is becoming painfully obvious--and less gradual. And it is being promoted by the Jewish owned press yet again, just like last two world wars...