Saturday, September 19, 2015

Obama Places Gay in Charge of the Army, Putin Pukes

War is Fabulous!

Building the case for impeachment, Obama nominated a gay man in to be secretary of the U.S. army with a keen sense of decor and a love for spritzers and boy scouts.
Obama made this move in conjunction with talks with Russia about its role in Syria, where Russia and the United States are both fighting ISIS, but where U.S. interests and ISIS interests are both aligned against President Assad supported by Russia.
No doubt, this move will intimidate the Russians, who will be uncomfortable fighting an army of swishing ladies.
Actual ladies are also being placed as Army Rangers and in armored units. 
No doubt, our nation is weaker as a result of this, and we'll probably be conquered and occupied by several foreign armies soon enough, all our women raped, and our people forever mongrelized.