Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Michael Spiegel, Crazy Murderer, Holocausts Himself in Lee County Jail

Apparently, Marilyn Spiegel used a Jewish dating site to find a new friend after divorcing Michael Spiegel.

Doing the world a favor, Michael Spiegel, guilty of setting his ex-wife and her new friend ablaze, proceeded to throw himself head first off a stairwell resulting in sudden death. This after being found guilty, and being in a Lee County facility no less.

Good riddance, you might think.

But, for some reason, Sheriff Mike Scott is under scrutiny by the media for not knowing this loony kike would off himself. Odd.

The best thing for murderers is their death. Why burden tax payers with their upkeep? Who wants murderers running around, or even housed in facilities on the dole?

A precedent for this was set with Leo Frank back in the day.

Keep murderers dead.