Monday, September 14, 2015


On Monday, 17 February, The League of the South unveiled a billboard at Apalachee Parkway and Goodbody Drive in Tallahassee, Florida. The League's message is simple: "Secede."

What does The League mean? Again, it's simple really. If the South is going to survive, especially against a flood tide of massive Third World immigration and leftist attempts to destroy her very cultural and political foundations, she is going to have to seek her independence and govern herself. p
And political secession--leaving Washington, DC and its anti-Southern ideology behind--is the legitimate means of doing this. Secession is really the fundamental American political ideal. It is also a means of promoting the survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people. We in The League believe that we must secede to survive!
So what can you do to help us?
First, call the Florida State Senate (850.487.5229) and the House (850.717.5650) and voice your support for our billboard and our ideas.
Next, attend our public demonstration against Marco Rubio and his support for Amnesty and illegal immigration in Tallahassee on Saturday, the 8th of March.
You can also donate to our billboard/demonstration fund on this website (see the "Donate" icon). All funds will be used by The League to buy ads and stage public demonstrations across the South. You can also help us by actually joining The League of the South and becoming an active member!
The Southern Nationalist movement, led by The League, is a growing phenomenon! We are taking our message to the streets. Help us spread the word! Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about us. More importantly, take a stand with us. We look to the present and future of the South, not to the past. We are a Southern Nationalist movement for the 21st century!
Again, our objective is a free and independent South that will be a homeland for a distinct, historic people--Southerners. If you are interested in what we have to offer, please call our office at 800.888.3163, see our Facebook page at, or e-mail us at and ask for a free information packet.