Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jews for Clinton According to Poll, Yet I feel They'd Be OK with Sanders the Dual Citizen

By Dael Goodson II

Hillary Clinton, a subhuman polluted with Serpent Seed genes, has the favor of 50.6 percent of American Jews, according to a Haaretz article.  Likely reasons are her liberal domestic tendencies which create an environment more easy to exploit for the Jew, where an ethnic coalition of Whites asserting itself is increasingly unlikely as America plunges into multi-racial catastrophe.

However, the article also noted a split among American Jews as to the Iran Deal, which has strained the capacities of many Jew spokespeople to still support liberals as many have turned against Zionism, although many always caution that not all Jews are Zionists, indicating a willingness to accept the Good Jew Theory.

I have personally encountered younger American Jews who are avid Bernie Sanders' supporters. I got this impression because young Jews say things like "I want Bernie Sanders for President. What about you? Huh? Huh? Dontcha? Dontcha?"

Bernie Sanders seemed to get a lot of help early on when the idea of dual citizenship was oddly fielded on The Diane Rehm Show as everyone knew he was a dual citizen. Luckily, Sanders' pointed out that the internet is always wrong and you should only trust the Jew media when it comes to Jews, and also stated that he wasn't aware of any dual citizens although Israeli law makes visiting Jews into dual citizens on a regular basis. Also luckily, Wikipedia now points out that she is an insulting bitch in the article about her. And Israel trains people to make sure such things are included.

It is noteworthy that many Jews have expressed distaste for Zionism, but it is also noteworthy that this appears to be based more on fears of anti-semitism than out of concern for Palestinians, as True Torah Jews have openly indicated. Nonetheless, any splits among the Jews are good news for the beleaguered White race of America and elsewhere.