Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jews Brag About Pro-Jew, Pro-Multiculture, Gay-Excusing Pope Francis

by Dael Goodson

Rabbi David Fox Sandmel, Director of Interfaith Affairs at the Anti-Defamation League, and Director of the Catholic Theological Unionhas posted an article bragging about how the Catholic church, once representative of a Christianity in dominance, has now become a mere Jewish plaything. 
The Catholic church got into bed with the Rothschild's a long time ago, and now has been utterly Judaized, as all of Europe, with a few exceptional countries, following suit. 
On arriving in the United States, the Pope immediately celebrated the sainthood of an Hispanic hero, encouraging more browning of the United States, just as he does the same to Europe by supporting the invading Muslim army known as refugees.
Sandmel's points about "progress" in the Catholic church are indeed striking, since at one point in history the Catholic church wanted to make war with Muslims and now insists that Europe belongs to them. 
Sandmel also pointed out how churches were adorned with symbols of the division between Christianity and Synagoga that indicated the complete opposite of the "progress" we are now graced with:

At the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, they can be found on either side of the main entrance. While the details differ from church to church, the main elements are the same. Ecclesia is portrayed as a vibrant young woman looking steadily ahead, holding a chalice, symbolizing the blood of salvation, carrying a staff and wearing a crown, symbolizing worldly power. Synagoga, by contrast, is blindfolded, since the Jews were believed to be blind to the truth of the Gospels. Her staff is broken and her head is bowed; she is often depicted with tablets or a book slipping from her hand, suggesting that the covenant between God and Israel had been abrogated.

Indeed, it would appear that the Catholic church is now blind to the truth of the Gospels, and the anti-Jew message of Christ who called the Jews "children of the devil" (John 8:44). 

Sandmel even wrote: "One cardinal remarked that it is easier for Jews to get an audience with the pope than for hierarchs!"

And this is a good thing? Only if you're a Jew.