Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is Sheriff Mike Scott a Libtard or Communist?

In response to an image which accurately portrays the congoid features of Tavaris Gary, a negro who was given her husband's job, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott fired Shelly Bechtol. Apparently, she was supposed to draw a white-looking person and then burn a Confederate flag.  Oh, well.

A video showing the nigger head getting smashed by a sledgehammer was released, much to the entertainment of fair-minded people everywhere. But since it was honest and accurate, crazy commies said it was racist, using the epithet prepared for them by Leon Trotsky.

Since it is clear that the entire White race is expected to allow themselves to be replaced by lesser races, this should serve as a warning to all you Whites who want to continue to exist upon the face of Negro Earth.

Hooknosed, or Previously Broken?

No doubt, Sheriff Scott has been terrorized by the terrorist hate group, the ADL, into performing such anti-White activities. I used to believe he was a right-minded American, who correctly blames gangsta rap and Zio-media portrayals for black crime, and also defended the portrait of General Lee in the Lee County Commissioner chambers.