Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fresh Fort Myers Crime Wave Reveals Lack of Rational Solutions

Fort Myers has seen a wave of shootings, 7 people shot in a matter of hours, which has triggered the local media, public, and officials to react. So far it is rather disheartening.

The News-Press has taken the tack that it's because we need to give more free stuff to the "disadvantaged", and the idea of a racial basis has been discarded as "ignorant", although it is also right.

Meanwhile, it's been suggested that the police need to be more trusted by the violent races among us, perhaps after offering them lollipops.

The problem is, and has been for decades, liberalism. It takes many forms, including teaching the citizenry that racism is the root of all evil, that there is such a thing as "too many White people", and that we must feel bad for savages while also considering them equals. Furthermore, we must believe that race is a social construct but that black lives matter at the same time.

Anyone comparison of a White community with a black one or a latino one or a thoroughly mixed one will reveal the stark truth that White communities are better. This is blamed on "oppression". But the real reason is that White people are better.

Since this reality will continue to be avoided, due to the fear of consequences that fall on those deemed "racist", the situation will fail to be solved and the country will continue to death spiral.