Saturday, September 19, 2015

Expelling the jews Humanely: Project Pork


jews, like many an infestation, have to be dealt with eventually, before your house caves in.

Since we are a noble people, we can't just go exterminating them because they're not exactly rodents, many would argue.

Therefore, an approach similar to that taken in the Ukraine during the Holodomor is called for, but without the slow deaths.

Instead of actually starving them to death, or poisoning them, we can un-kosher their food supply so that, in order to eat, they are forced to leave in order to find a safe food source.

This can be done by injecting porn juice into kosher food at every opportunity.  Kosher food can be identified by some of these symbols.

Pork juice is relatively cheap, as are hypodermic needles.

Taken further, we can also infiltrate the distribution chain with truck drivers, grocery store workers, warehouse attendants, and others who are won to our cause.

In this way, no jews are harmed, unless they willingly cease eating kosher, in which case they cease being jews, and can perhaps be finally assimilated.

Remember: no jews must be harmed, only their jewishness. Make sure all pork juice is clean.

Our efforts must not cease until complete porkification!