Saturday, September 19, 2015

Christian Identity, Ancestor Worship, and Race Consciousness

I love Christian Identity, although I am by nature a doubting Thomas. As such, I often find truth in metaphysical and spiritual concepts, but then spend inordinate amounts of time trying to decipher them into something practical. This instead of just praying and having faith, and studying scripture.

What I understand from Christian Identity is that God (Yahweh) is identified as the literal father of the White race. This is in opposition to the Jews, whose father is the Devil (John 8:44), and who are mimics who have stolen our identity (Isaiah 44:5) and work toward our destruction, since we are true Israelites and part of Yahweh's plan. Now, whether or not such propositions are too big a pill to swallow, the truth of these seemingly irrational arguments bears out to me. In the White race I see a history of striving for a higher order, which I think of analogous to "God consciousness", and in the Jew I see a striving to create chaos, destruction, and death.

God is therefore also, to me, the Spirit of the White race, or that motivating, consciousness raising potentiality to which White people have access, much like the spring that Jesus offered which gave eternal life. One could think of this as the life of our race, in which our immortality resides, and which (hopefully) outlives our physical existence. Since Yahweh is also the first Father, then Christian Identity is sort of a form of ancestor worship, which means honoring your parents takes on a much deeper meaning.

The Jew has attached itself to the White race and like a proverbial devil on the shoulder whispers deceptions and temptations into our collective ear. This has reached a crescendo thanks to Jew control of the media, Hollywood, politicians, and the money supply. The Jew is Anti-Christ (1 John 2:22), a liar and murderer, yet also subtle. We were born into a world largely dominated by this Anti-Christ power and many of us did not realize it until we began a process of truth-seeking.

Christian Identity brings increased race consciousness to Whites, giving us an identity connecting us with a destiny of pursuing "God's Kingdom" which is said to reside within us. The Jew also have race consciousness based on the idea that it is the Jew against the world, and that they have been persecuted for no reason other than that they are Jews and Whites are evil. As a result, the Jew now has brainwashed a large swath of humanity into willfully participating in the White genocide.

Many Whites still lack race consciousness, and have no idea of White destiny, or of much of what actual history is thanks to a deluge of Jewish propaganda (Titus 1:14).  Christian Identity therefore offers one means to not only rejuvenate Christianity, but also to reinvigorate the White race.