Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Reasonable Solution to Black Crime in Fort Myers

A recent spate of shootings has "woken up" Fort Myers, and solutions must be tabled.

Even though most people would consider me a "racist", I don't hate all blacks, and understand some are productive citizens.

However, DOJ statistics prove that blacks are more criminal in general. And the most criminal among them have no place anywhere except locked up, executed, or, I would like to propose, placed in Africa.
Police Raids are a Good Start
For years, liberals and their Jewish controllers have attempted to convince us all that you can solve the black problem by giving them stuff. The idea is that their poor living conditions, lack of education, and perhaps excessive catfish intake is to blame for their criminal antics. However, there are lessons in history, and in the present, that demonstrate that blacks never become like white people as a group, although there may be individual exceptions.

As a result, it is best to take the blacks that are incapable of being "white-ified" and placing them on a boat to Africa.

What I am suggesting is, after a 2nd offense, ship the black criminal to Africa.

To a liberal, this should appear as the most humane solution. Why let them rot in prison, or live in an environment they can't adjust too, when you can send them back to where they were evolved to exist? Liberals believe in evolution, don't they?

We could even give them stuff, money for instance, to take with them to Africa where they can stimulate the African economy and perhaps become mud hut landlords, and purchase cattle with which to shampoo.

Clearly, they are not happy here, and I only want their happiness.

Why would you liberals deny poor blacks their happiness?