Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Youtube Truth Video Review "Freemasonry: Religion of Fools" - David James , Euro Folk Radio

David James of Euro Folk Radio has posted a great deal of material online exploring alternative history, conspiracies, racial identity, and racial reality all through the guise of Christian Identity. The approach is anything but politically correct, and addresses the infiltration of Western European culture by Talmudic Judaism in its various guises to a degree I've not witnessed in other movements.

James is clearly a man who has done his homework and tirelessly educated himself, who also sees through the phony Truth Movement, and what it is that makes it phony. 

I recommend all his videos, especially his talk videos, but also his series on Gog and Magog.

In addressing the Great Apostasy, or falling away from the faith of Judeo-Christianity, Christian Identity may prove just the restorative needed for former Judeo-Christians who feel religion has failed them.