Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Golem Cauldron

Dael Goodson

As a straight White man, you've probably been a "victim" (I just hate this word, but it sort of fits) of anti-White and anti-Male hatred in the workplace and elsewhere, perhaps not even realizing it. Feminism and diversity have made this practically inevitable.

 A while back, I made some crack about how someone seemed gay at work (we were watching TV) and I was shortly thereafter confronted by a co-worker (who was gay, and I hadn't noticed) who told me about a gay bar with a "foam night" and asked if I knew anything about that. A few days later, I was moved to the other side of the building.

 Aggressive "feminazis" as they're unfortunately termed, are usually the worst, always trying to get you in trouble by pushing your buttons and then screaming chauvinist if you fight back. Often they'll suck you in either by asking some bizarre favor or by acting like your boss when they're not. Then they'll question all your responses to these provocations as if you're in custody. Unfortunately, workplace rules are such that you pretty much are.

Then there's my most famous memory of a guy who decided he was a woman all the sudden and started coming to work in high heels, using a femme voice, but refused to shave his goatee. This hermaphroditic ensemble really disturbed everyone, and we had to have a secret meeting discussing our feelings on the matter. What was worse was he started asking a co-worker if he liked "its" legs. When he said he would punch the tranny out next time, he was fired. The horror proceeded unabated for a month until one day the possessed freak didn't show up at work, complaining of a mental breakdown. 

This Babylonian shop of horrors that is modern life in the USA (and sounds about as bad or worse in other "formerly" White countries) is, well, pretty fucking intolerable. Dylann Storm Roof didn't surprise or shock everyone, let's face it. A government that is openly hostile to White racial purity, which considers things to be "too White", and forcibly injects other races of totally different characters into overly White areas, while also forcibly injecting the will to destroy "White Patriarchy" into the minds of young and old, is how the Golem Cauldron is made. 

What is its purpose? What is its destiny?

Apparently, it exists to be fed off of and used as a weapon against strongholds resistant against the Jew World Order until it is also too weak and polluted to recognize itself anymore and joining the mongrelized stream of Babylonian slavery as the world descends into Final Night.

Meanwhile, tax paying is considered some kind of mark of high character, although the taxes are also weaponized for your destruction. 

All is permeated with the stink of kike.