Sunday, August 30, 2015

Racial Myths in Media Exposed



Written by Adam Rice and Angelo John Gage
For the last several decades, there has been an anti-white Zionist campaign designed to make the white man seem morally and even physically inferior to everyone on this planet. One part of this campaign is the constant comparison between whites and blacks; claiming that blacks are morally and physically superior, and that the white man is holding them down. From bigger penises, to higher testosterone, we are taught blacks dominate certain sports, are better dancers, are more sexually competent, and have more “swag” (style, confidence, rhythm, soul etc.) than white people. These myths have been perpetuated via all forms of media until everyone, even pro-whites, simply believed them without ever doing the research that shows otherwise.
This essay will prove that all of these myths perpetuated by the anti-white Zionist media are simply untrue. Please note that when talking about whites VS blacks, it is being discussed in general across the board of both races. As with all things, there are always exceptions to the rule, especially in regards to race, simply because of the genetic diversity which exists within each of the races.
This essay will provide you sources to back up the facts being stated. Please make sure you do your due diligence and follow the links provided in order to verify the facts presented. The essay will be broken down in the following sections:
1. Penis size myth;
2. Higher testosterone myth;
3. Overall strength and power potential;
4. Speed and endurance;
5. Strength to bodyweight ratio as well as balance and coordination.

Penis size myth
As far as the bigger black penis size myth goes, every legitimate survey points to the fact that black men are significant smaller than white men. Tanzania was measured in a survey for condom size for the prevention of aids and the reordered average was 4.5 inches.
Further evidence that debunks the black penis myth has come from a survey done in the US, which was taken by Huffington post. The results of this survey: all three of the biggest states are 90%+ white with around only 5% black. North Dakota which is primarily Nordic with virtually no blacks is #1; Rhode island which is 90% white almost no blacks is #2, then South Dakota, again mostly white, is #3.
Say what???
And finally, a survey from Nigeria is especially significant, as Nigeria is in West Africa where most black Americans are from. This is a university conducted officially measured survey which concluded that blacks have a 5.2 average.
Higher testosterone myth
Although there is a natural variance among men in regards to natural testosterone levels, there is a “normal” range for a healthy male. However, many believe that blacks have higher testosterone levels compared to the other races, which some say justifies the statistics that show blacks have higher rates of domestic abuse, crime and out-of-wedlock births. People also believe this to be the reason why it seems blacks are more confident with women and is apparently why they seem to have more swag, style, soul, and sex-appeal, than whites. But we find that it is not the level of testosterone that is responsible for these things, which leads to these inaccurate perceptions, but rather, the fact that blacks have more estradiol than whites do, and makes them act in such ways.
Quoting the results from the study below:
 After applying sampling weights and adjusting for age, percent body fat, alcohol, smoking, and activity, testosterone concentrations were not different between non-Hispanic blacks (n = 363; geometric mean, 5.29 ng/ml) and non-Hispanic whites (n = 674; 5.11 ng/ml; P > 0.05) but were higher in Mexican-Americans (n = 376; 5.48 ng/ml; P < 0.05). Non-Hispanic blacks (40.80 pg/ml) had a higher estradiol concentration than non-Hispanic whites (35.46 pg/ml; P < 0.01) and Mexican-Americans (34.11 pg/ml; P < 0.01). Non-Hispanic blacks (36.49 nmol/liter) had a higher SHBG concentration than non-Hispanic whites (34.91 nmol/liter; P < 0.05) and Mexican-Americans (35.04 nmol/liter; P < 0.05).
In other words, higher level of estradiol equates to a higher level of feminine behavior. This explains why black men and women have thick lips and buttocks, which are feminine features. In addition to being naturally hairless, and smaller on average, black men and women tend to be louder, more social, and easily provoked emotionally; again more examples of feminine traits.
In regards to crime, it is their low IQ, combined with high estradiol which allows one to be easily riled up emotionally that leads to higher rates of crime, out-of-wedlock births, and domestic abuse. Being easily provoked and lashing out emotionally in the moment, without thinking about their actions, is a recipe for disaster.
The reason why blacks seem to have more confidence in approaching women and more “swag,” comes down to various environmental and genetic factors, namely IQ, combined with the already mentioned higher levels of estradiol. Firstly, most Blacks originate from the south; southern men have always known their way around the ladies and blacks who lived there picked up this aspect of white Scots Irish southern culture like they have done with music and everything else.
Actor Will Smith, plays a black pick up artist who teaches a white dork how to get his dream girl.
Secondly, since blacks on average have lower IQs, they are going to believe they are more competent than they actually are and act as such. However, this is not confidence, rather, it is the inability for one to assess their own incompetence and it is called the Dunning-Kruger effect.
Decades of studies done by the military and other organizations have shown consistent results that there is most certainly a correlation between race and IQ. These findings have been considered “racist” and been swept under the rug by the politically correctards, who come up with all other of excuses to explain these gaps in intelligence.
Blacks think they are better with women and therefore they act like it. This is why black men are more sexually aggressive than white men are. White men, who have higher IQs on average, have the ability to assess their competence/incompetence more and usually psyche themselves out by imagining scenarios in which they fail or offend the person they are interested in. Because white men think ahead and assess the possibility of negative outcomes, they are, in general, usually less aggressive and more cautious when approaching the opposite sex. Furthermore, being that blacks are more spontaneous and short-sighted in regards to consequences, they will act in the moment, which gives the illusion of someone who is decisive and driven (which women interpret as confidence), but in reality, is one who hasn’t thought anything through and just jumps into things without thinking long-term.
Thirdly, the Zionist media builds the self-esteem of blacks with the promotion and worship of black athletes, rappers, and their culture; presenting blacks as the alpha male while demonizing white culture and presenting whites as the beta males. Because of this, a minority of white women will actually be more receptive to blacks than whites, since they are taught that blacks are the new alpha males in town, while white men are morally and physically inferior racists who have small penises and are incompetent.
Because of the Zionist media, the black rap culture has been dominating America for several decades; influencing our children to abandon their own and emulate that of African Americans, who are always portrayed as underdogs who rise up and defeat the evil racist white man.
This subtle yet powerful message that the Zionist media perpetuates further boosts the confidence of black men and also drives white women into their arms; which unfortunately is a relationship that is 200% more likely to end up in divorce, and not to mention, more likely to become abusive and even homicidal.
Overall strength and power potential
First, let us take a look at the world’s strongest men medal winners for the past 40 years.
As one can see, only one black man has ever won a medal and it was not first place but second, 25 years ago. Not only that, but since then, the only black WSM competitor has been Mark Felix. Not only does he not get a medal, often times he does not even qualify because he cannot beat the best strongmen in England (where he resides) to do so.
After learning the outcomes of the World’s Strongest Man contests overall, let us now look at the case of South Africa specifically. First a bit on South Africa: South Africa, for the unaware, is home to the mostly Zulu ethnicity. Historically, Zulu’s before being crushed in confrontation with whites, conquered all the surrounding Africans they encountered in close quarters combat military engagements. The Zulu ethnic group is supposed to be the strongest and toughest of the African warriors based on historical accounts. After wiping out much of the native Khosians in South Africa, where they encountered Whites, Zulus are in the modern day over 90% of SA and whites 7-8%. Now given that info let’s take a look at the South African strongman records.
Notice not one Zulu or black African in a country where they make up 90+% of the population has even beat the 7-8% of whites in this test of overall functional body strength; this is the supposed to be the most physically superior of Africans and this is what they have to offer when they have such a larger pool to draw from population wise? It is clear which race is the strongest. Not only that but this competition has been going for long after apartheid so there is no excuse there. In addition, the prize money is a serious incentive to any black African there who could possibly win. So rather than a lack of opportunity or motivation, it is pure physiology; the greatest of Africa’s warriors are not as strong as the incredibly tiny minority of white South Africans.
The World’s Strongest Man competition is the best overall indicator of raw functional strength and power as it involved awkward uncontrolled lifting and herculean feats of strength. Let’s take a look at conventional power lifting in controlled environments. Below is a list of power lifting world championship medalists.
Not only do whites dominate the upper weight classes, as they are the largest on average and have the most lifters in that category, but even among the lower weight classes where there are many more Africans and Asians who would fit into that category, whites are still in the lead among the lower weight category. The world record holder for the “Big Three” power lifting lifts; that is the bench press, dead lift and squat, is a white man named Donnie Thompson. Whites also dominate the big three lift totals in general with champions like Dan Green and Carl Yngvar Christensen
And this doesn’t look like it will change any time soon…
In terms of applying real strength to a combat sport the most successful man ever at this task was a Russian-Greco-Roman wrestler named Alexander Karelin, the greatest Greco-Roman champion of all time. The Karelin lift, which was named after Karelin himself, involved a technique where you lifted an opponent who lays flat off the ground and slam him. This moved existed before Karelin but only for the lower weight classes, Karelin was the only man, at 6ft4 and 280 lbs who had the strength to body weight ratio to achieve this feat at heavyweight, regularly tossing 260+lb men through the air.
So why do people have the tendency to resist what is being stated here? Simple. As with most things, this is the result of the Zionist media. Blacks have several advantages for bodybuilding; a competition NOT based on functional strength, but on aesthetics. The black race has a more aesthetically eye catching waist to hip ratio, the same feature that gives them poorer functional strength just so happens to give them a more ideal physique for looking impressive. In addition, being naturally hairless and having very dark skin lends itself to being able to see definition more clearly, even if just an illusion this gives an advantage for bodybuilding. Black bodybuilders, who are often very short, are pushed in by the media as the ideal strong image.
Because bodybuilding, which is way more popular and promoted more by the Zionist media, more people are exposed to it. Since it is not based on strength, but rather, aesthetics, muscle size, leanness, etc., this gives the the audience, which is a mass mostly composed of normal people who are ignorant to physiology, the false notion that these bodybuilders are strong because they look better and that bigger muscles must also mean greater functional strength. This is a false equivalence because muscle size does not always correlate with muscle strength. Strength comes from the ability to activate more type II muscle fibers via strength training, which does not focus on muscular hypertrophy, but rather, training one’s nervous system to fire more neurons which recruit more muscle fibers to execute explosive movements needed for powerlifting. One can have smaller sized muscles and still be able to activate more fibers to make heavier lifts than one with larger muscles who has not trained for strength. As you will note below the difference in sheer size and muscle mass between a real white strongman and a black bodybuilder is laughable and absurd.
Here is a picture of Vince Urbank, who is not even WSM qualified as of yet and is more of a mid-size strongman and standing next to one of the greatest black Bodybuilders of all time, Ronne Coleman. Even though Vince Urbank is still a young man in the strongman game and has a lot further to go, his dead lift and other raw lifts already far eclipse Coleman’s lifts that he achieved using mass amounts of steroids in his prime.
Unlike the Zionist perpetuated myth, the superior strength and size of a white man is not just funky camera angles either. Brian Shaw, world class strongman, meets Phil Heath who is pint sized in comparison and who is a world class bodybuilder, completely dwarfing him.
So with all of this in mind it, is quite clear that it is indeed a falsehood that blacks have greater overall strength and that they are stronger than whites. In reality, all of the evidence tells us that the white race is physically the strongest. It’s not racist or discriminatory to state this, it is merely fact.
Speed and endurance
Blacks do unquestionably have an advantage on average in terms of speed due to narrower hips, which gives them a more effective stride that allows them to do very well in football, sprinting and basketball, where speed is important. However this advantage is not nearly as wide as the gap between white and black strength. For instance, there have been white world record sprinters as well as white MVP basketball players and great white football players. Though explained earlier, great emphasis must also be put on the fact that blacks lack the strength required to do as well or better than whites in strength competitions, even ones with copious white admixture.
In the area of endurance, ultra-marathons, which are the best test of extreme cardiovascular endurance, are dominated by whites with Asians also doing well. The best ultra-marathon runner of all time is Yiannis Kouros, a white man of Greek descent.
Yiannis Kouros
As shown in those sources, whites universally dominate ultra-marathon events. This is because though blacks have an advantage in speed, allowing them win short sprints much of the time, they are easily beaten in ultra-marathons in which endurance is crucial and in these competitions whites take the lead.
Strength to body weight ratio as well as balance and coordination
As we have already covered, the strongest body weight to strength ratio that is possessed among any combat sport competition is from a White man of Russian Descent named Alexander Karelin. For overall strength to body weight ratio as well as balance and coordination let us take a look at gymnastics as well as rock-climbing.
As it can be seen above, the female category of gymnasts is entirely dominated by whites when it comes to all-time greats and the average female Olympic gymnastics event is usually a tossup between whites and Asians. The all-time male gymnast greats are always white or Asian. This is even when you take into account how large the Asian world population is and how many more small gymnasts they have in comparison to ours.
Rock climbing, another fantastic example of true control over your body weight as well as grip strength to body weight ratio as well as overall total muscular strength and endurance is dominated entirely by whites.
The best free climber (climbing with no ropes) currently is Alex Honnold
Alex Honnold
In conclusion, all the of myths perpetuated by the anti-white Zionist media have been easily debunked in this essay. There is no question that there is a campaign to promote the black man over the white man in all facets of life, and it is up to honest people who are not afraid of political correctness to expose this defamatory and disgraceful agenda against our people. This isn’t about white supremacy or which race is the best race; rather, it is about telling the truth no matter who is offended. There is no superior race. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses; only a fool would buy into the notion that their ENTIRE race is superior in all aspects. However, it is clear that in the proper context, certain races do excel in certain things, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that fact.
Personal perspective (Adam Rice)
I have seen too many whites in America and across the world who are complacent and self-deprecating and are mired in apathy for physical pursuits; people who have fully taken the Zionist propaganda in the media to heart. Often times the propaganda of whites being less athletic is spread by low tier whites themselves who falsely blame their own failures, either in their individual genetic potential or their lack of will to actually work hard to achieve their maximum physical potential innate in them as members of our race.
I have seen too many people here, especially of the older generation, neglect of the pursuit of physical excellence and seen this phenomenon myself in regular white American society. Black Americans are only 13% of the population, but of that 13%, nearly every single one of them is pushed by their culture to try to follow a physical pursuit if they have the slightest hint of being physically apt. In White American culture on the other hand, even gifted athletes who have serious potential are pushed into academic fields by their family which they will not contribute as much to as to their physical development.
I myself went to a high school that was around 40% white and I out lifted nearly every one of every background in the weight room. Am I the strongest guy around? No, but I am a good example of how much stronger on average a white man can be if he actually goes out and lifts weights. My family around me is also a classic example of the kind of toxic environment athletically minded whites are in with all of my family discouraging me from lifting weights for instance. I believe the ideal white person, a proud and healthy one, needs to look physically imposing, to be physically capable of defending themselves and their family in this insane and backwards Zionist controlled World, and also to be well read. We cannot aspire to one form of greatness and neglect the other. Life is not an RPG where because whites in general have higher IQs, they therefore have lost their evolutionary physical traits in exchange. This is another Zionist perpetuated, feel good, self-deprecating lie.
It is in my best hopes that I have perhaps taught a valuable lesson on this subject which amongst ourselves must be addressed.
No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.
― Socrates