Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oath Keepers Mysteriously in Ferguson

For reasons that are deeply embedded in the indecipherable passageways of the genetic code, the Oath Keepers are in Ferguson, scene of peaceful protests of love and racial harmony.

Asked why they were there they said: sight-seeing.

Asked for further details, they said they wanted to observe the behavior of the local animals, noting that the foraging activities were particularly of note this time of year.

"Yes, the brown howling street musk is compelled by a hormone secreted to store up various sundries as winter approaches," said Duke Rockwell, of the Reckless Violent Avengers of Sudden Death, an Oath Keeper group from Tennessee. "One doesn't always get the opportunity to observe the natural patterns of subsistence of the noble street musk up close and personal."

But what were the assault rifles for?

"The diversity reduction imperative," said Rockwell.

Is that French?

"As a Christian, yes."