Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nazi Trolls Swarm to Alex Jones' "Epic KKK Rant"

Alex Jones has produced yet another video promoting the idea that the KKK, which was committed to the idea of preventing White genocide, was an evil organization, unlike Black Lives Matter which is committed to the White genocide in as much as it seeks to excuse black criminals from consequences, and to the removal of all symbols of White heritage from America.

Whenever someone says White Lives Matter they are chastised with "All Lives Matter". But when someone says "Black Lives Matter" it is understood that saying "All Lives Matter" is racist,  because black lives matter so much that if you report black crimes, like Colin Flaherty, you will be banned from youtube.

From watching the video you get the distinct impression that Alex Jones is terrified of Dr. David Duke and "white Supremacists". I'm pretty sure he wet his pants at 14:30.