Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jesse Ventura: Cuck-Supremacist

Before we go taking down any more Confederate flags, we ought to consider melting the Statue of Liberty and using it to make weapons to overthrow Jewish tyranny.

This was not one of the points made by Jesse Ventura on the Alex Jones Channel earlier, a channel from which all evidence of an ill-conceived debate with David Duke has been erased by a chastised, humiliated, and swollen Alex Jones.

The Statue of Liberty bears a crazy plaque with a Jew poem about promoting malgenics in the United States, asking for the dumbest, dirtiest, and most useless immigrants to be herded into the once great European occupied nation and reduce it to third world status. It's no accident that New York City has since become Jew York City as the Jew thrives under such conditions as this unfettered immigration has produced.

Jesse Ventura also made the insane argument that building a wall to keep Mexicans out would actually be a wall to keep us in, even though many of us are Mexicans. He said if you build a wall, people will find their way in. But the idea they could find their way out in the same fashion is not tabled. And, seriously now, were many people trying to find their way into East Germany, Mr. Wrestler?

Ventura is obviously a cuck-supremacist and cuckspiracist all in one little package.

Clearly both Jones and Ventura were raped by Rockefeller's at Bohemian Grove.