Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jade Helm Paying Off, Militants Being Targeted

Jade Helm appears to be going exactly as I expected. The operation was carried out in such a manner as to generate paranoia, exciting militants into action, while the Jew media called everyone concerned with the high profile military operation crazy in order to signal the more sheeple citizens to cheer the government on as patriots are taken out.

Jade Helm was started with the release of a map targeting Texas and other areas as hostile, and with the word out that it was a PSYOP, meaning it is a psychological warfare operation against the citizenry. Then the government and media both insisted a PSYOP is nothing to be concerned about, although by definition a PSYOP is an act of war.

This was followed by high profile Wal-Mart closing which were carried out with the sudden rude firings of employees in order to elicit coverage and concern. This also marks the closings as PSYOPs.

Before Jade Helm began, there was the Waco Twin Peaks massacre, where government agents created a conflict between biker clubs and massacred bikers at a conference surrounded by police, FBI agents, and snipers. According to the biker's lawyer, there was an infiltrator who started the whole thing. The media responded by releasing story after story about how dangerous bikers were.

In the meanwhile, Jew media operations such as Young Turks have been hyping Black Lives Matter and labeling White right wingers as terrorists and blaming everything but the kitchen sink on White privilege in order to ensure that anti-whites of all stripes will cheer on as the government murders militant resisters. Meanwhile, Confederate flags and civil war monuments have been targeted, while a MLK memorial now sits in D.C., MLK being a communist, and made in China no less. Gay marriage is also an assault on the Christian character of the nation.

Since we have the historical record of the Bolshevik revolution to look upon for how a Jewish communist takeover occurs, we can expect that the American version of the White Russians will be dealt with in a similarly brutal fashion.

Now we have a man arrested purportedly for firing on Camp Shelby, who insisted his truck backfired, and others arrested in a supposed bomb plot in North Carolina. Young Turks is terming the bomb plotters as "right wing nutjobs", insisting Jade Helm isn't even in North Carolina, although Jade Helm has so far not been anything that was openly reported. In fact, troop movements have been witnessed in many disparate areas, again in a high profile fashion, and an actual attack on the military was carried out by a Muslim. Relying on credibility given the media by an anti-white hate engaged audience, we can expect more of the same until whatever event is planned to transition the United States fully into communism.

A looming push to make Chinese currency to new reserve, along with China previously insisting there were too many guns in the United States,  raises alarm. This, along with signs that the economy is headed toward disaster makes one wonder when the United States will fall like overripe fruit into the communists' hands.