Friday, August 14, 2015

George Soros Funds Black Lives Matter, Hillary, and Young Turks--More

By Dael Goodson

There is not a lot original here, but I'm just reminding readers of the fact that there are string-pullers behind a lot of the racially charged tensions we're seeing in these darkening years of the Obama regime. And this is to compile the George Soros backed ones at a time when they're all jockeying for attention as Ferguson goes haywire yet again.

George Soros was reported by Washington Times to have laid out $33 million to fund Black Lives Matter back in January.  They also noted that before that he funded This was revealed in the tax filings of his Open Society Foundation.

Bernie Sanders recently had an event shut down by Black Lives Matters protestors, and this was blamed erroneously on the Koch brothers, when pointed out a more likely culprit was George Soros who backs Hillary. Newsbusters also noted how the left-wing media will cover the tracks of George Soros, all of which makes one wonder how long this sort of thing has been going on in America (hint hint: think of MLK).

MRC Business reported back in May, 2011 that George Soros ALSO funds Young Turks, through Media Consortium, which has been covering Black Lives Matter salaciously, predictably attacking all critics as "racists". This is the same tactic that has been used by communists for decades, Leon Trotsky often considered to be an early progenitor of the practice. It is worth noting that no word for racism existed before communism came into being. Similarly, the term "antisemitism" seems to have come into parlance as a result of the need to throw off criticism of Bolshevism, with Putin having noted 85 percent of Bolshevists were Jews.

All of which makes it clear that there is something very racial about communism, which is, in essence, an anti-White movement. And Blacks, of course, are also being exploited. It is worthwhile remembering that the Jews financed the slave trade, and run the gangsta rap mill which no doubt inspires a lot of Black on Black violence.

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